New Business Startup

When you are considering setting up your own business there are a large number of factors to consider, and if you haven’t experienced it before, it can seem overwhelming.

We’re here to guide you through the process.

New Business Startup

We can calmly talk you through all of the areas you need to be aware of, to ensure that you avoid any major pitfalls.  Looking at your individual circumstances, we can discuss the best way for your business to be set up, to ensure you start your business confident that everything is in place.

Among the items we can assist you with:

  • Register you as self-employed/partnership
  • Set up a limited company
  • Register your business for VAT
  • Register the business on the Flat Rate VAT Scheme
  • Set the company up as an employer/contractor or sub-contractor
  • Assist you with business plans and forecasts

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